Our goal is to create a film version of Life is a Dream, by Calderón, considered by many as the finest example of Spanish Classical Theater. The film's vision will be completely modern, dynamic, politically charged and, at the same time, accesible to the audience both visually and dramatically.

Calderón's play is internationally known and very often referred to as the "Spanish Hamlet". Despite the honor of the comparison, Life is a Dream is full of elements that make it unique, and it deserves a place in film like the ones Hamlet and other theater classics hold. The formal and philosophical beauty of Life is a Dream, next to the brutality of its argument, make it a piece with great potential for success.

Due to the classical nature and modern vision of the project, the explotation of this film will include the commercial, educational and cultural sectors, both in Spain and abroad, giving it the potential to become a work of reference and, therefore, extend its explotation over time.


The film is based on Calderón's 18th Century classical play Life is a Dream. The film script follows the same dramatic structure of the play and keeps part of its dialogue, allowing for the text's beauty to remain intact but editing it so it fits within the visual language of cinema.

The action takes place in three different countries: Spain the US and Brazil. The story begins with all three Basilios publicly confessing that they have a secret son. From there unfolds a history of violence, access to power and ultimate forgiveness.

The plot unfolds in a shared manner between the three countries, building the dramatic thread through the similarities between the same characters in different contexts. This format allows the action not to fall at any time, as it keeps the interest of the audience by constantly encouraging them to follow the plot. An example of this type of narrative is found in films like Short Cuts and Magnolia. In this case the characters live in different countries but they share their past, present and future.

The film maintains the universality of the story of Calderón, its values of freedom and human dignity. The simultaneous action in three countries makes the film very contemporary, global and borderless.